Terms of cooperation

It’s time for creative collaborations and customer care

We are looking for partners who are interested in expanding their range of services, create additional services and, of course, earn extra income.
For our part, we guarantee decency, high quality products, flexibility and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation.

We invite you to cooperate:

Interior designers and textile designers .
  • We will create exclusive solutions for your customers, in which it is possible to make lampshades of different shapes, use different types of fabrics, repeat the pattern on the ceiling, floor or other interior surfaces.
  • Together with the designers of Delight studio there is a unique opportunity to develop sets of “Luxury” class in different versions: lampshade – curtains, lampshade – textile pillows in the same color, table lamp – decorative wrought iron table in one technique, set: floor lamp and one or two table lamps, which will be the decoration of the study or bedroom (bedside tables, consoles);
  • Use ready-made products from Delight studio to emphasize different interior styles (the collections include floor lamps made in Victorian, classical, neoclassical style)
  • Salons for sewing curtains and other home textiles
  • Provide customers with a unique additional service – offer ready-made curtains floor lamp with lampshade, made of the same fabric;
  • For a simple design of curtains, offer customers a ready-made lampshade from the catalog in the same color scheme. You will receive additional income, and the client – perfect design of the room;
  • Implement unique design ideas with us – we will create for you an author’s collection of floor lamps and lamps that will perfectly emphasize and complement your range.
Antique salons and second-hand furniture stores from Europe:
  • If you have a leg for a floor lamp or a table lamp, in our catalog you will be able to choose a lampshade which will be able to interest the client with a new look;
  • If you have a floor lamp with damage to the fabric base, we can help with its restoration or create a new design for the lampshade;
  • Invite your customers to complement some exquisite classic furniture with a floor lamp or lamp in the same style
  • Salons, interior decoration shops, salons of light, lamps, furniture:
  • Expand your range with unique products with the ability to accept individual orders. With our product you will gain a significant advantage over local competitors.
  • The successful choice of a floor lamp from our collection will give you the chance to issue a show-window of your shop which look will not remain without attention of the buyer;
  • The range of our products will be able to satisfy even the most demanding customer, especially VIP-clients.

For sales managers from different regions of Ukraine and those who have experience selling on foreign sites, we offer cooperation on mutually beneficial terms:
  • if you have the skills to promote goods using popular marketplaces, social networks, if you have experience of selling abroad and are interested in additional earnings, we offer you mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • Become our regional or foreign representative. We provide all the necessary materials (videos, photos) to carry out your activities.
  • Realize your managerial qualities with us without investing and without risk and become a part of our team.
  • It is always profitable with us, because we have a flexible system of discounts for wholesale buyers. This can be from 5% to 20% of the value of the goods in the catalog, depending on the amount of the transaction.
If you are interested in cooperating to find out details, leave a request or contact us at the numbers listed in the contacts.