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Flower lamp, Unique lamp, fairy lamp, night light, decorative lamp. PRODUCT TO ORDER

Flower lamp, Unique lamp, fairy lamp, night light, decorative lamp. PRODUCT TO ORDER

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™Delight - exclusive unique floor lamps and lampshades, where every detail is made by hand, without any glue! You can be sure that your floor lamp will be the only one in the world.
❗️ If you want a very special design, our friendly team of seamstresses and engineers is at your service. We will make any dream come true.
❤️ It is in our collection that the best materials are used - from fabrics to feathers and gems, leather, and acrylic painting on silk They look very beautiful.
❤️ Exclusive personalized design combined with practicality and durability.
❤️ Worldwide shipping is free.
❤️ Money is not as important as the joy on the faces of our customers. And this is our priority.

Dimensions of the table lamp: height - 72 cm (28.8 inches), width - 50 cm (20 inches)
Lamp base E = 27.
The table lamp in the image is designed with an artistic, nature-inspired aesthetic. It features a lampshade shaped like a blooming lotus flower, rendered in a golden-hued fabric that imparts a gentle, ambient glow. The petals are accented with a glittering gold trim along the edges, which enhances the lamp's luxurious appeal.

Supporting the lotus flower shade is a stem that resembles the branches of a tree, crafted from a material with a dark, bronze-like finish that provides an elegant contrast to the bright lampshade. Adorning the branches are delicately crafted leaves, finished in the same golden tone as the trim on the petals, adding to the lamp’s cohesive design.

The base of the lamp is round and flat, echoing the dark finish of the stem, which grounds the design and ensures stability on a table surface. This lamp combines functionality with a decorative flair, making it a striking piece that could serve as a focal point in a variety of interior settings, from classic to contemporary.
Unique lamp, Victorian Table Lamp, antique lamp, night lamp, decorative lamp, gold table lamp, lamp base, art deco lamp, Handcrafted Lamp.
Individual orders are possible. The production of individual orders takes 15-40 days, depending on the complexity of the work.

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