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Handmade French Fairy Pink Shade - Minimalist Contemporary Lighting for Home & Interior Design

Handmade French Fairy Pink Shade - Minimalist Contemporary Lighting for Home & Interior Design

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™Delight - exclusive unique floor lamps, lampshades, and 19th-century technology, where every detail is handmade, no glue! Your floor lamp will be the only one in the world.

❤️ Exclusive unique lamps, floor lamps, and lampshades from ♥ - the best unique gift for mom or girlfriend, for yourself.

❗ Please note that you can choose additional frames, options, and lamps to meet your needs and dreams when purchasing.

❤️ We have exclusive unique lamps, floor lamps, and lampshades from ♥ they look very beautiful. We use rare, unique finishes and designs, they are durable and will last for many years.
❤️ Exclusive personalized design, products without a light bulb included. The lampshade can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
❤️ Worldwide shipping is free.

❗ Our mission is to create a unique atmosphere and comfort in homes.
Things that are not from the mass market are immediately noticeable. They have a special energy and attraction with their ability to remain relevant for decades and even centuries. Our products are just like that.
In our work, we combine modern materials, a love for small details, and time-tested technologies.

📏Alexsandria 01
Dimensions lampshade height - 23 cm (9.2 inches ), a diameter of the top - 14 cm (5.6 inches ), diameter of the bottom - 34 cm (13.6 inches ). Lamp cap E = 27.
Lampshade - metal frame. Decorated with decorative ribbon, fringe, and beads.
Dimensions: height - 55 cm (22 inches), width - 35 (14 inches ).
Exclusive design, handmade, without the use of glue.

🛒 Exclusive floor lamps 👇.

🛒 Unique lampshades 👇.

🛒 Table and bedside lamps 👇.

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🎁 Durable wooden packaging, created specifically for your lamp, guarantees safe transportation so that your favorite thing will last for many years

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