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Victorian Lampshade with Pink Floral Fabric and Fringe

Victorian Lampshade with Pink Floral Fabric and Fringe

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™Delight - exclusive unique floor lamps and lampshades, where every detail is made by hand, without any glue! You can be sure that your floor lamp will be the only one in the world.
❗️ If you want a very special design, our friendly team of seamstresses and engineers is at your service. We will make any dream come true.
❤️ It is in our collection that the best materials are used - from fabrics to feathers and gems, leather, and acrylic painting on silk They look very beautiful.
❤️ Exclusive personalized design combined with practicality and durability.
❤️ Worldwide shipping is free.

❗ Our mission is to create a unique atmosphere and comfort in homes.
Things that are not from the mass market are immediately noticeable. They have a special energy and attraction with their ability to remain relevant for decades and even centuries. Our products are just like that.
In our work, we combine modern materials, a love for small details, and time-tested technologies.

📏 Madrid 07
Delight is a Ukrainian brand of exclusive handmade lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, and lamp shades.
Dimensions lampshade: height of lampshade with frills -37 cm (14.5 inch) height - 32.5 cm (12.8 inch) diameter of the top - 22 cm(8.7 inch), diameter of the bottom - 45.5 (18.4 inch) cm. Lamp cap E = 27, 220V.
Lampshade: metal frame, material - fabric with a pattern. Decorated with a braid and golden ribbon.
A brilliant shade of plum and pink, generously decorated with braid and golden ribbon, reflects the light perfectly. It will add perfection to your home and become an elegant detail of the interior. Made on a strong metal frame.
Exclusive design, handmade, without the use of glue. Sold without a light bulb. The lampshade is possible to wet clean.
👉 Sold without a light bulb. The lampshade can be damp cleaned.

👉Custom Order
You can also buy a floor lamp, lampshade, or table lamp to order, just add the name of the order in the shopping cart " CUSTOM "in the options, make the purchase, and specify the personalization in the form, with all the details and so on. Production of custom orders takes 1-3 months, depending on the complexity and rarity of materials

🛒 Exclusive floor lamps 👇.

🛒 Unique lampshades 👇.

🛒 Table and bedside lamps 👇.

Please pay special attention, each product is unique, exclusive, and made in its own design, the photo you see in the ad may differ depending on the master

👉 All FloorLampsDelight® lampshades are handmade to order, so creating a customized or personalized lampshade is not a problem.

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❗You can find us and subscribe to us:👇 it is very important for us to feel you! ™Delight - exclusive unique floor lamps, lampshades, and 19th-century technology, where every detail is handmade, no glue! Your floor lamp will be the only one in the world.
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🌎 Delivery worldwide is free.
🎁 Durable wooden packaging, created specifically for your lamp, guarantees safe transportation so that your favorite thing will last for many years

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🧭 Europe: 7-10 business days
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🧭 USA: 10-20 business days
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