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Table lamp. Pink table lamp with a wrought iron spiral base, a fabulous lamp.

Table lamp. Pink table lamp with a wrought iron spiral base, a fabulous lamp.

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™Delight - exclusive unique floor lamps and lampshades, where every detail is made by hand, without any glue! You can be sure that your floor lamp will be the only one in the world.
❗️ If you want a very special design, our friendly team of seamstresses and engineers is at your service. We will make any dream come true.
❤️ It is in our collection that the best materials are used - from fabrics to feathers and gems, leather and acrylic painting on шовку They look very beautiful.
❤️ Exclusive personalized design combined with practicality and durability.
❤️ Worldwide shipping is free.

📏 Rome 02
Lampshade dimensions: height - 25 cm ( 10 inches ) diameter of the upper part - 17 cm ( 6.8 inches ) diameter of the lower part - 30 cm ( 12 inches ) Lamp base E = 27
Lampshade: metal frame, material - pink and blue pastel tapestry. It is decorated with a lace textile ribbon.
Dimensions of the table lamp: height - 57 cm (22.8 inches), width - 30. ( 12 inches )
Exclusive design, handmade, without glue.
Lampshade: metal frame, material - fabric with a pattern, satin. Decorated with decorative ribbon, and fringe with tassels.
👉 Sold without a light bulb. The lampshade can be damp cleaned.
Individual orders are possible. The production of individual orders takes 15-40 days, depending on the complexity of the work.

Exclusive floor lamps 👇.
Unique lampshades 👇.
Table and bedside lamps 👇.
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